Dec 30, 2022

The Word Was Made FleshChristmas concert, music, lights

The Word was made flesh,
all things became new
the Light of the world
illuminating the view.

A new life was given,
one filled with peace
as truth and grace
was being released.

The Word became man,
guiding all who believed
the promise of His Spirit
one day would receive.

A hope like no other,
a mystery revealed
as the glory of God
was being unsealed.

The Word was made flesh,
Jesus became a man
for this was His Father’s . . .
final salvation plan!

~Deborah Ann Belka


Christmas Spirit: a poem
The Christmas spirit
is that hope
which tenaciously clings
to the hearts of the faithful
and announces
in the face
of any Herod the world can produce
and all the inn doors slammed in our faces
and all the dark nights of our souls
that with God
all things still are possible,
and that even now
unto us
a Child is born!