Wisdom vs. Folly

Apr 4, 2020

Fr. Robert Albright has presented retreats at our Center for many years and is a great friend of our community. He offers this reflection, based on an Egyptian Maat. Here is a definition of ‘maat’ according to Britannica.com: “In its abstract sense, maat was the divine order established at creation and reaffirmed at the accession of each new king of Egypt. In [this] setting maat ‘order’ in place of isfet ‘disorder,’…” Let’s contemplate this maat from Fr. Bob today.


An ancient Egyptian Maat says:

One must integrate oneself into the existing order of things

in a harmonious manner.

This is WISDOM.

The opposite is chaos and FOLLY,

which is intolerable.

The existing order of things in 2020 is the spread of the Coronavirus. Will we act wisely or foolishly?