Apr 16, 2020

Sr. Elaine Davia, the area leader for the Sisters of Bon Secours, USA, offers today’s reflection and a poem as we distance ourselves from our normal routines. Let’s take a deep breath and focus on these words of comfort and goals for patience.

Our Sisters of Bon Secours in Ireland have a unique name for their need to stay indoors because of the virus. They call it “cocooning”. What a beautiful and hopeful image. The caterpillar inside the cocoon has a really difficult time of it. It has to, in effect, eat itself before it can breakout into the beautiful butterfly that it becomes. After sharing this image with Rainey Taylor, the Sales Manager at the Center, she shared this poem with me, which is what this time might be calling us to.  ~ Sr. Elaine Davia


If only I would be

more patient

with the chrysalis

in me,

there could be

beautiful things

coming to life.


I wonder what keeps me running

from dormancy,

trying to leap

into a butterfly

long before its time.


Thus destroying

what could have been

so  beautiful


Today:  I wait patiently for my spiritual growth.

Taken from Rest Your Dreams on a Little Twig, p. 71