Being Moved Beyond Where We Are

Apr 30, 2020

Fr. Phil Cover is a longtime friend of Bon Secours and has presented many retreats, as well as facilitated many group conferences at the Center. Fr. Phil will be with us this summer for a directed retreat and we look forward to seeing him then! Let’s take a quiet moment to reflect on Fr. Phil’s point of view during the pandemic…Spirit, Holy Spirit, spirituality during pandemic

Being Moved Beyond Where We Are

The Coronavirus pandemic has in many respects turned our world upside down and inside out. The majority of us are living life in a mandated lockdown. This reality has evolved into weeks without any certain end point.

Some feel isolated and trapped. Others experience frustration about not knowing what is really happening and thereby feeling they are no longer in control of their livelihood or destiny. Still others find the experience of being in a standstill an opportunity to engage in some interior introspection, wondering if we will ever return to business as usual or should.

The personal impact of the pandemic on health care workers, first responders, and essential workers is confounding and difficult to weigh or assess. Their sacrifice and commitment to the person in need is remarkable and inspiring, a brilliant example of Jesus’ self-sacrificing love. The economic consequences of the pandemic nationally and globally could be staggering, even devastating.

The God who we believe is in all things invites us to look for God’s presence in all the uplifting and the heartbreaking manifestations of this pandemic. To do so requires us to see the human reality through the eyes of love.

Each one of us is a spiritual being on a human journey. As embodied, spiritual beings, each of us moves through various external and internal cycles, patterns, and stages of personal growth and development throughout our human journey from childhood to adulthood.

In looking through the lens of the spiritual journey, the cycles, patterns, and stages are better seen as movements in which the indwelling Spirit of God is always seeking to move us beyond where we are at any given moment in our lives. It is something that is being done to us; we cannot make it happen.

The Spirit is acting upon the core of our being, forming, shaping, refashioning, and transforming our lives. If we notice or intuit an interior feeling of disturbance, discomfort or a sense of restlessness, it may well be that the Spirit is dismantling us of our self-created ego-centered needs, wants and demands. In this interior movement, a shift is occurring as God’s desires and love are making a claim on us, moving us beyond where we are.

In the midst of our current national uncertainty, confusion, and ambiguity, there is one awareness that emerges above many others for me, actually it is a level of raised consciousness, namely, we are all in this together, no matter what. Like climate change, this pandemic is a wake-up call. The need for and analysis of information alone is not going to get us out of this national impasse. A renewed sense of the meaning of the common good of all is imperative, coupled with a commitment to work together at every level for the good of all. What comes next after the pandemic subsides will be determined in some large part on how we come to understand and accept the implications of just how deeply each one of us is interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent with one another on this planet. As this awareness seeps into the marrow of our bones and the core of our very being, we will indeed be moved beyond where we are, beyond perhaps what we could never have imagined.