Spirituality – 4

Jul 5, 2020

Today’s reflection is the fourth in a series by Fr. Michael Schleupner. We’re so grateful for all of the posts that he has shared with us for our blog during the pandemic! We look forward to welcoming Fr. Michael back to the Center for the August Directed Retreat too. There are still a few spaces available if you’d like to register. Click here to learn more. Let’s take a few quiet moments to read this reflection. Then, maybe you can share with us how you make prayer a habit too.

Spirituality – 4

Dear Friends,

In the past three weeks, I have reflected on Spirituality and on two of its core elements: Faith and Prayer. Today my attention turns to the next core element: Habit. If we think about it for just a second, we all have habits in our everyday lives.

When I get out of bed in the morning, I brush my teeth and shave and shower and get dressed – all of this out of habit. It is estimated that 40 to 50% of the things we do in everyday life are out of habit. A habit can be defined as any practice that we do regularly and routinely with little or no effort of the mind or the will.

So, it is something that we do without having to think about it or having to decide whether to do it or not – something that we have come to do automatically.

I am recommending that we work at developing a habit – if we don’t already have it – a habit of daily, personal prayer.

To do this, we need a time, a place, and a type of prayer.

Select a regular time of day that will work for you.

Maybe first thing in the morning before you really get the day started;

or maybe in the later part of the afternoon when you get home from work;

or maybe in the evening before going to bed.

And then, a place.

Maybe in your bedroom or somewhere in your house or apartment or condo where you can be alone for a few minutes and where it will be at least somewhat quiet.

And then, of course, we need to select the type of prayer.

Check out last week’s reflection on Spirituality for ideas on this (click here).

So, develop a habit of prayer; it is essential for spirituality.

Gracious God, help us to remember: our hearts are restless until they rest in you! Amen!

~Father Michael Schleupner