The Earth’s Praise for Rain

Jul 18, 2020

Today’s reflection is the second in a series by Debra Donnelly-Barton. She’s walking us through many prayerful moments in nature. Let’s breathe and read her blog…

A Liturgy of the Living Earth

Praying the hours in tune with nature

Summer Meditations, 2020

May the God of Gentleness be with you,

caressing you with sunlight and rain and wind;

may God’s tenderness shine through you

to warm all who are hurt and lonely;

may the blessing of gentleness be on you.

Dear Ones,

Today I walked in the rain. It started as gentle mist and I thought, ‘how pleasant this is on a hot morning.’

Then, with more and more insistence rain fell upon my bare arms and soaked my blouse. I was very wet and yet noticing the power of rain on my body and through the trees and along the banks of the river.

I stopped to listen to rain falling through leaves and onto sidewalks. And it sounded like praise. Praise for rain on a dry ground. Praise for the wonder of each leaf singing its own song in response to the glory of water.

The psalmist tells us that the earth, herself, sings praises to God. When I forget my own song of praise, even my own lament, I can turn to songs all around me and remember.

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