Connecting with Divine Love

Sep 20, 2020

Upon opening Sr. Joyce Rupp’s “Anchors for the Soul” daily reflection book, this prayer spoke to us. This weekend, many ladies have been at the Center for our annual Women’s Wellness retreat and have been invited to use a few special places for private prayer, as well as many beautiful spots outdoors. We hope that they received many blessings from the retreat and connecting with divine love…

Connecting with Divine Love

What happens in our prayer time

will naturally affect the rest of our lives.

Gradually we will become more deeply aware

of God’s presence in the everyday work around us.

We cannot isolate our spiritual life

from the rest of our life,

for it is in our day-to-day situations

that we experience our personal transformation

toward wholeness.

When we enter our time of prayer

we bring our life and our work with us.

We do so in order to connect with God,

to renew that relationship so it permeates our whole life.


Today: I become more aware of God’s presence.