A Blessing for Healing

Oct 9, 2020

Today’s post is a prayer from Joyce Rupp, OSM. Do you know someone who is in need of physical, emotional or spiritual healing? Why not reach out to them with this beautiful prayer for healing? Just reading it may spark a bit of strength and faith that they need today.

A Blessing for Healing

May the ever-present love of family and friends sustain and support you, especially in
those times when you feel alone and lonely.

May you accept your worthiness to receive self-compassion, to give yourself
permission to care for your inner and outer self as best you can.

May you be in touch with the resilience residing within you, a strength that enables you
to go on when you feel weak and vulnerable.

May you find comfort when you are hurting, and experience a tender presence of the
Holy One when you are most distressed.

May the beauty contained in gestures of kindness, and in the loveliness of nature, bring
you quiet joy.

May you give yourself to restfulness when you are weary, and be content with inactivity
when your body and spirit demand that you go slowly.

May you be patient when you want things to change, or when difficulties appear to be
insurmountable and unmanageable.

May you be released from the burdens of fear and dread, and anything else that tries to
drag your spirit into desolation.

May you discover hope in the most unexpected situations, and store this treasure in a
special corner of your heart where you can easily find it.

May you sink into the peaceful embrace of the Great Healer, and may this peace
permeate you with divine tenderness.

Closing prayer (adapted from St. Augustine)

God of life, on the days when burdens weigh heavy on the heart and difficulties bring
weariness, be the strength that is needed. When the road seems tedious and endless,
and life has no music in it, be a spark of joy and light. Amen.