Cultivating Silence

Oct 14, 2020

Today’s post is the continuation of last week’s blog from retreat presenter Susan Boruff. Susan shares insights from scripture about meditation and then provides a video at the bottom that can walk you through a 12 minute meditation. We hope that you’ll join us.

Cultivating Silence

By: Susan Boruff

As we learned in last week’s post, the Desert Mothers and Fathers sought God in the solitude and silence of the deserts in Syria and Egypt. They escaped the busyness and noise of the cities to seek God. They were the mothers and fathers of the Christian Contemplative way. The way of Jesus of Nazareth.

Learning to listen for God in silence is a practice. We have to train ourselves. Timothy reminds us in 1 Timothy 4:7 to “train ourselves to be godly.” The training involves learning to let go of distracting thoughts, feelings and body sensations. It also involves making the commitment to show up and learn to sit in silence.

Although training is involved, you will learn that meditation is a simple and natural process. It is your natural birthright. Jesus demonstrates this in Mark 1:35-37 “very early in the morning before it was light, he went off to a solitary place to pray. His disciples met him there.”

We meet Jesus in the solitary place in our hearts.

The process of meditation eventually reveals our true nature as being openhearted and receptive to the spirit of Christ who dwells in our hearts.

The following meditation practice invites you to experience the light and love of Christ who dwells in your heart and the hearts of those around you.

Keep in mind what Pastor Francis Chan says in his book, Crazy Love. He says, “the heart of Christianity is a loving relationship with God. It is not about achievement, it’s about fellowship. It’s not about obligation, it’s about love.”

Let that love guide you in the following video meditation.

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32

Please join me for this 12 minute hospitable hearts meditation.


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