Blowing Winds of Change…

Dec 9, 2020

As autumn begins to make its exit, the temperatures have dramatically dropped in our area! This change can be reflected in many analogies about ourselves too. Take a moment to read this beautiful poem as we seek the Spirit of hope and strength.

Spirit, blowing winds of changechanges, pandemic
into our world and letting loose
the leaves of last year’s experiences,
I am being tossed around too,
slipping under what I can’t seem to let go of.
The golden sunlight shines through so much beauty,
but I am like those leaves,
disconnected and dried out. And
I am like the stark trees reaching
up as though searching for comfort and
finding only cooler skies.
May I find rest even if I
don’t feel rooted.
May my vulnerability be my strength.
May your Spirit renew mine.

~By Rev. Shannon Sullivan
Calvary Methodist Church, Frederick, MD

Read more about Rev. Shannon Sullivan on her website or her Facebook page.