Spring’s Arrival?

Feb 26, 2021

Today’s post comes from our Marketing Manager/Sales Associate, Tessa Newton. Many of our guests are familiar with her warm, welcoming presence, but even Tessa has struggled with the winter season and the pandemic. Let’s read her thoughts about how she’s getting through until spring arrives.

Spring has to be right around the corner, right?

We have now experienced every season in a pandemic. I have to say, winter-pandemic was my least favorite. On a good day, I’d give it “2 out of 10 – would not recommend”. It’s cold. It’s dark. My one-year old is absolutely not a fan of snow pants and my three-year old has not figured out his thumb has a separate compartment in his mittens, rendering his hands useless. Besides, I’m not what you would call a “winter-weather-enthusiast” so getting two little ones dressed to go outside is not on my list of favorite activities.

I think many of us struggled this winter. The typical winter isolation was compounded with the continued pandemic and the distress in our country. To me, things seemed bleak. January felt like it lasted about three months and February is (somehow) still going! I was beginning to worry we would be in winter-pandemic forever.

But today, I saw a daffodil sprouting from one of our flower gardens at the Center! My heart could burst with possibilities! On the horizon are colorful flowers, sunshine, and time outside without those pesky mittens and snow pants. Socially distant outdoor playdates for my cooped-up kids are in sight. And because my kids are so little, their friends are my friends’ kids so these playdates are for me too!

Springtime has always been my favorite season. There is so much hope and possibility! This year, it goes a little deeper. In Maryland, COVID-19 cases are decreasing each day, vaccines are being distributed, schools are preparing for modified in-person learning. Seeing that teeny little bud reminded me there are wonderful (and warm!) things ahead.

What is a sign of spring that brings comfort to you. Is it a cardinal sitting on your porch? The sight of green grass as the snow melts away? The sound of birds chirping in the distance? The warmth of the sun on your cheeks? Put it in the comments so we can all delight in the hope of springtime!

“The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing.” ~S. Brown