Prayer – a Secret Companionship

Jun 9, 2021

Amy Kulesa, Director of the Sisters of Bon Secours Associates, shares this beautiful poem from John Donahue about prayer. Does it stir an image of prayer in your mind? Do you have a favorite space for prayer? Maybe a favorite spot at our Center? Share with us, if you’d like, in the comments.

Prayer sets our feet at large in the pastures of promise.

When you pray, the submerged eternal melody

in the clay of your heart

rises from the silence to infuse

with blessing your life and your friendships

in the seen and the unseen world…..

Prayer can make us aware of the clusters of presence

that make up our secret companionship.

Prayer is the path to the secret

belonging at the heart of our other lives.”


-from Eternal Echoes: Celtic Reflections on Our Yearning to Belong by John Donahue