Your Cross is You

Mar 20, 2022

Amy Kulesa will be guiding “On the Verge of Transformation,” a special Lenten retreat on the weekend of Palm Sunday. Click here to learn more about the retreat. She is also the Director of the Sisters of Bon Secours Associates and recently shared this poignant reflection. How does it inspire and comfort you?homily, religious blog

Your Cross is You

“Remember, you are only an instrument.  Not yours to decide how or when or where you act.  I plan all that. Make yourself very fit to do My work. All that hinders your activity must be cured.

Mine is the Cross on which the burdens of the world are laid. How foolish is any one of My disciples who seeks to bear his or her own burdens, when there is only one place for them—My Cross.

It is like a weary man on a hot and dusty road, bearing a heavy load, when all plans have been made for its carriage. The road, the scenery, flowers, beauty around—all are lost.

But My children, you may think I did say, ‘Take up your cross daily and follow Me.’

Yes, but the cross given to each one of you is only a cross provided on which you can crucify the self of yours that hinders progress and Joy, and prevents the flow through your being of My invigorating Life and Spirit.

Listen to Me, love Me, joy in Me.  Rejoice.”

Jesus speaks in God Calling, March 15th entry