Seek the stillness

Apr 6, 2022

Now that activities have resumed, are you finding that your calendar feels too full? Are you stressed from feeling pulled into too many directions with endless ‘to-do’ lists? Today’s post offers reflections from the gifted Joyce Rupp that may help you to relish a few quiet moments in contemplation, especially as we approach Holy Week. So, let’s sit in a comfortable position, let’s breathe in and out, in and out, and pray to be able to hear that still, small voice.


Put Down the Sword of Busynessfinding God in the mess

Companion of my Solitude,

sometimes I think that half of me

is well-lodged in another world.

On rainy days, in times of solitude,

my spirit pulls and tugs,

crying for home in that other space.

All the things here

that give my life rhyme and reason

fade from view.

I am left with the longing

to put down my sword

of busyness

and dwell in the land

of simple contemplation.

~Joyce Rupp, Prayers to Sophia





just stillness

like my world seldom knows.

inside I have an expressway

that never slows down,

always full of going somewhere

always another thing to do




just stillness

filled with quiet, numinous sounds,

like butterfly wings, river murmurs,

cloud breaths, firefly blinks,

and silence, simple, serene silence,

nothing more

~Joyce Rupp, The Cosmic Dance