You Can

Apr 29, 2022

As we prepare for tonight’s concert with Carrie Newcomer, let’s take a few quiet moments to contemplate the encouragement from a popular song, “You Can Do This Hard Thing”. We hope that if you’re facing struggles today, it will give you the nudge, the encouragement, the faith that you can get through it. We hope that this prayer will also remind you that “you can do all things…”

Limited tickets are still available for the 7pm concert. Please call 410-442-3120 to register and click here to learn more.

A prayer for encouragement and strength

Lord, You are the wind in my sails

You guide me as I steer and find direction.

You give me the strength to keep on going.

You watch over me as I navigate stormy seas.

You are the harbour where I stop for rest.

You are my encourager when I lose hope.

You are the lighthouse that keeps my path safe.

You are with me always.

Thank you.