National Day of Prayer

May 4, 2022

Tomorrow is our National Day of Prayer, a tradition that began officially in 1952. It is a day when the president is required to sign a proclamation that encourages all Americans to pray. May your prayers today be strengthened, knowing that so many are recognizing this movement and also kneeling, bowing their heads or lifting their hands to heaven as we pray for peace and also offer prayers of gratitude. If you live locally, we encourage you to stop by our Peace Garden, labyrinth or pond for a few quiet moments praying in nature. Or, you could visit for our 11am Mass and pray in the Chapel. Pray with us…

Gracious God,hands, prayer, pray

may this celebration renew our commitment to call upon you in trust and hope.

May this day affirm the bonds of unity that exist among all people of faith.

In times of struggle, you are our rock.

In times of upheaval, you are our peace.

In times of difficulty and pain, you are our hope.

May our common prayer draw us closer to you, enliven our love for one another,

and strengthen our dedication to building a world of justice and peace.