Sabbath Time

Jul 22, 2022

During our staff planning meeting this week, Rainey Taylor, Sales Manager, shared this beautiful reflection from Joyce Rupp’s “Anchors for the Soul”. As our July Directed Retreat finishes up tomorrow, we hope that this has been a special week of Sabbath Time for the guests. Maybe this reflection will inspire your quiet time at home, work or outdoors too?

Sabbath Time

The only sounds

breaking the immense quiet

are crickets humming

and the first yawns of robins and cardinals.

My soul awakens with ease,

cradled in meditation,

sung to by your stillness,

Silent Sentinel of my Soul.

And I am delivered

for a while

from the torture

of endless schedules

and the deafening noise

of my own desires.

Today: I set aside noisy demands for a while.

Joyce Rupp, Anchors of the Soul, from ‘Prayers to Sophia’