Welcome, John Philip Newell & Guests

Oct 14, 2022

Today is the beginning of our highly anticipated “Sacred Earth Sacred Soul” retreat with Dr. John Philip Newell and Cami Twilling. We are so happy to host them this weekend for this sold-out retreat! Today, we share a little spiritual inspiration from John Philip with you too.


“Our work, rather, is to help reawaken the sense of the sacred that is already deep in the human soul, our primordial relationship with nature, ourJohn Philip Newell ancient mother love of the earth. We can be part of its rising again.”

Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul: Celtic Wisdom for Reawakening to What Our Souls Know and Healing the World

“When he awakened from sleep, he said, “Surely the Lord is in this place—and I did not know it…. This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven” (Genesis 28:16–17). In the Celtic world that gateway is present everywhere. In every place is the immediacy of heaven. In every moment we can glimpse the Light that was in the beginning and from which all things have come. As Oliver says, “The threshold is always near.”3 We can step over this threshold and back again in the fleeting span of a second. In a single step we can find ourselves momentarily in that other world, the world of eternal Light, which is woven inseparably through this world—the world of matter that is forever unfolding like a river in flow.”

The Rebirthing of God: Christianity’s Struggle for New Beginnings

Pray with us…

The rhythm of life is yours, O God,
the changing of the seasons,
the busyness of the day and the night’s stillness,
youth’s energy and age’s measured pace.
For daylight followed by hours of darkness,
for the time of letting go
and of taking off the clothes of the day,
for the time of lying down
and being covered by the night’s intimacy,
for the overlapping of the seen and the unseen,
heaven and earth,
flesh and angels,
body and spirit,
rest and dying and new life
all part of your rhythm, O God, thanks be to you.
Sounds of the Eternal