In the Stillness

Jan 18, 2023

We’re finishing up our Winter Directed Retreat tomorrow and many of our guests have already shared on their evaluations how grateful they have been for this time of spiritual direction, silence and stillness. Are you able to take a few quiet moments, listening to God’s voice today?


In the Stillnesswinter blessing

by Katy Kauffman

In the stillness when it’s just You and me

I can be candid, I can be free

To express what I’m feeling and going through

I don’t have to hide anything from You


The doubts and worries slip away

My heart smiles when I start to pray

I can see Your face again and hear Your voice

I realize once more that I have a choice


I can look for the good and treasure Your work

I can help others even when I hurt

You’re taking care of me every day

I’m never alone, here with me You stay


In the stillness where some crave noise

I regain my strength, I regain my poise

I can stand tall on Your promises and Word

I can move forward because Your voice I’ve heard


So never let me get too busy not to be still

Keep me humble, mold my will

That I may follow You and serve You with all I am

That I may be useful to Your plan


You’re taking care of more than just me

You have a world to love, a world to set free

From the sin and misery that capture us all

Until we believe in Your Son and answer Your call


I set my heart on You to love You forever

I want to be with Your people and serve You together

In the stillness, remind me why I’m here

As long as I’m next to Your heart, I won’t fear