A Prayer for Peace

Mar 29, 2023

Our hearts are broken after hearing about the recent school shooting in Nashville. We pray that we do not become numb to these ongoing reports and that we all pray for peace and act for justice. Please take a few quiet moments to join our voices in prayer for peace.

A Prayer for Peacehope, candle

We are moulded, each one of us,
in the image of God,
and within our souls there is a fingerprint
none can erase.
We pray for those who have no regard
for anyone but self,
who put no value on human life.
For nations and individuals who abuse and kill.
We are not called to be judge or jury,
but we are called to be agents of change,
and if the butterfly that flaps its wings
should be our attitude to others
then so be it, Lord,
and may the hurricane this generates
somewhere within the world
reach into the hearts and souls of those
for whom we pray, and reveal to them
how precious are those
for whom they have no love,
and how precious are they
who now bring tears to the eyes of God.

– John Birch