Prayers for Holy Thursday

Apr 5, 2023

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a very special, sacred time at the Retreat & Conference Center, our Easter Triduum Retreat. Over 50 guests will gather for this silent retreat, punctuated by inspiring retreat presentations and dialogue, quiet time in private prayer, and poignant liturgies. Please pray for our leaders who have put so much planning into the retreat and liturgies. Members of the local community are invited to attend our liturgies too (7:30pm on Holy Thursday, 3pm on Good Friday, 7:30pm on Holy Saturday, 11am Easter Sunday). If you cannot be with us, we offer the prayers below as you begin this last supper with Jesus.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Holy Thursday
“You gave Your life to us, like the bread on the table you broke into pieces and shared.Holy Thursday, Bon Secours
Now anyone who holds out their hand and heart can receive it and feed.

You gave Your life to us, like the wine You poured in the cup and shared.
Now anyone who offers their lips can drink and rejoice.

You gave us everything, O Lord Jesus,
and you offered your life like bread and wine.
Now the entire world can taste the love of God You shared freely with all the children of the earth!

Here we are, O Lord, holding out our hands and hearts!“

Prayer of Grace for Holy Thursday Evening
“Jesus, Your love is eternal. We offer You a place in our home and in our hearts. Come, help us open our door to You, stay with us. Bring us Your peace and Your joy.”

You can leave an empty seat at dinner for Jesus, to remind everyone that He is invited to your home.

Prayer of Praise for Holy Thursday
“Lord Jesus, Your Last Supper is the first Eucharist: You even gave a place to the one who betrayed You. You gave everything to fill the void of Your absence. Blessed are You, O Servant King!”