When the Road Seems Closed

Apr 16, 2023

At the beginning of April, Fr. Nicholas Amato presented “Our Journey from Darkness to Light” retreat and shared this beautiful prayer. May you be blessed with hope and light today!


When the Road Seems Closed – A PrayerFr. Nicholas Amato

By David Long-Higgins


Loving God,

Grant me a vision

Greater than any barricade

Daring me to despair

At signs screaming out

“No possible way forward,

This road is closed.”


Yes, lift up my eyes

To Your emerging light

Stretching a horizon of hope

Bearing Your resurrection rising

Larger than any obstruction

Of the world’s weary making

Or of my own despairing design.


Grant just enough light

To see beyond the moment

And all it dares to capture

In fatigue or worry or despair

Claiming to be the final word

Reserved for You alone

O Word and Way of Life.


Yes, pull me toward possibilities

Not easily seen at night

When all is hidden from my sight

Yet bearing a new beginning

Known by You for revealing

At just the right time

With the gift of dawn’s surprise.


Let this rising light of You

Draw me beyond myself

And all the world resists,

Trusting Your grace to form

A new way, a new hope,

A new creation bit by bit

Luring me forward

Empowered by awe

At all You make possible

If I will lift up my eyes

My heart and my life

To Your persistent promise.


Yes, Love,

Let this of You

Be larger than any barricade

Daring me to believe

No new road is possible.


And let it be more than enough

For the journey of today.