Prayer In Time of Wildfires

Jun 9, 2023

The air quality index in Maryland has been on red alert this week, due to the fires in Canada. This has been a daily reminder of the many natural disasters that affect our planet. We pray for God’s protection and give thanks for all of the resources that he’s given. Will you join us as we pray for perpetual peace today…

Prayer In Time of WildfiresPrayer for wildfires
God of all creation, all the elements belong to you.

The earth, air, water and fire are yours to command.

You guarded your people Israel by night with a pillar of flame.
You sanctified the early church with tongues of fire at Pentecost.
You appeared to Moses in the burning bush, which was engulfed but not consumed.

God of wind and flame, extinguish the fires engulfing land, communities, and homes.
Guard those who must flee because of the blaze, give them safety and wholeness.
Bring those who have perished home to you, grant them your perpetual peace.
Protect those who battle the flames, sanctify their service and send them your Spirit.

Restore our land, our homes, our faith in your goodness,
And show us again how you bring life out of ash and dust
Give us the resources and strength, we ask, to rebuild and replant
And show us that you are the loving Creator and Savior.

~Shared by Catholic Health Association