Jun 14, 2023

Today’s reflection comes from the pages of Joyce Rupp’s “Anchors for the Soul”. Whether you’re on a retreat at the Center or just need to few quiet moments to reflect at home, this is a great starting point to step away from the daily stress in our lives and listen to God’s voice within. Now, let’s take a few deep breaths and then read the following…


Stillnessprayer for pandemic


just stillness

like my world seldom knows.

inside I have an expressway

that never slows down,

always full of going somewhere

always another thing to do




just stillness

filled with quiet, numinous sounds,

like butterfly wings, river murmurs,

cloud breaths, firefly blinks,

and silence, simple, serene silence,

nothing more


Today: I surrender to the call to be still.


~Joyce Rupp “Anchors for the Soul”