God Hears!

Jun 30, 2023

The poem/prayer below was shared by the Sisters of Bon Secours Associates ministry (click here to learn more) this week. We hope that it reassures you that God is listening today. Amen.

GOD HEARS!man praying
More Hope…

God hears.

God hears our fancy, formal, memorized prayers, fingers slipping over beads.

God hears our bitter, angry prayers.

Why, God???
What am I supposed to do now, God???

God hears our tiny, whispered pleas. Every single word.

Be near.

Or even…


God hears through our anger or disbelief or pain or sadness or joy.

God understands our feelings. And our pain.

God hears our hearts patter. And thump. And soar.

Or ache.

God hears our love and gratitude.

Thank you, God.

God hears the silent tears slipping down our cheeks.

God hears.

Even when we don’t know what to say.

Or how exactly we’re supposed to pray.

God hears.

God already KNOWS.

And really, it doesn’t matter the words…

Only that we turn to God through it all.

In the middle of it ALL.

Again and again and again.

God hears. And God never leaves us alone ❤

– ordinary on purpose