Boundless Compassion

Jul 28, 2023

Retreat presenter Mickey Reed will be leading guests on a weekend Boundless Compassion retreat, beginning today at the Center. This retreat program, developed by Sr. Joyce Rupp, fosters a transformative way of life for participants! Please pray for our guests as they do this important work. Each of us can make a big difference in our world today when we show compassion!

The Body of CompassionBoundless Compassion, Joyce Rupp

“I pray to be the face of compassion –
that those who come within my view
find a cordial, kindly reception
written upon my facial landscape.

“I pray to be the ears of compassion –
that those who come filled with distress
will experience my attentive presence,
ready to listen without distraction.

“I pray to be the eyes of compassion –
that those who lack society’s support
will receive my nonjudgmental gaze,
a look of unbiased, heartfelt welcome.

“I pray to be the shoulders of compassion –
that those who come laden with burdens
will be able to set things down for a while,
and have the load lightened when they leave.

“I pray to be the heart of compassion –
that those who feel overwhelmed with suffering
will sense my empathic response,
one that forgoes a desire to fix the hurt.

“I pray to be the mouth of compassion –
that those whose voice is not heard
will be empowered and supported
by my determined, vocal stand for justice.

“I pray to be the hands of compassion –
that those who life could benefit
from my presence and my actions
will be assisted by the humble offering.

“I pray to be the feet of compassion –
that those who long for companionship
will see that I walk beside them,
joined in the strength of a common humanity.

“I pray that the Light of compassion shining in my soul will recognize and receive the Light shining in others, that together we will care for creation with respect and have gratitude for all that exists.”

~Joyce Rupp