200 Years of Bon Secours Memories

Jan 19, 2024

Today is Good Memory Day – who knew?!

Considering this is the 200th anniversary year of the Sisters of Bon Secours we are taking this opportunity to fondly look back at the distant and recent memories of Sisters of Bon Secours and their ministries. We think of the first twelve women that took their vows in France to formally become the Congregation of Bon Secours in 1824. We remember the three Sisters that came to Baltimore in 1881 and began establishing a health care ministry. We think of the dedication to providing healing, compassion, and liberation to those in need, especially the poor, sick, and dying. We are reminded of the many ministries, including the Retreat and Conference Center, that were established to spread the mission of the Sisters to more and more people (learn more about those here). We look back at the wonderful community that takes part in our retreats and the retreat presenters that so faithfully share their knowledge and experiences with us. And we are excited about the memories yet to come!

We’d love to hear your favorite Bon Secours memory! Maybe you met a dear friend on retreat, or experienced a profound moment while walking the labyrinth. We welcome you to share them in the comments below.

Thank you, God, for the memories I’ve created today and each day that came before. They are my life story. ~TeachingCatholicKids.com