Focusing on Faith in the Humdrum of Life

Jan 21, 2024

Today we are sharing a prayer from Prayers for the People: Things We Didn’t Know We Could Say to God, a compilation of prayers written by Rev. Terry J. Stokes. This book has prayers for nearly every one and every experience. It even shares Rev. Stokes’ process for writing a prayer and provides a how-to for us to write our own! It’s poignant but will also make you smile.

Join us in today’s prayer about winter…

For the Winter

O God who exfoliates our skin and our sin – as thou dost bless the earth with the morning dew, so renew the health of our bodies in this season of dryness and earthly quietus. When the sun hides her face from us for weeks on end, rejuvenate our minds to save us from seasonal downswings. May the full landscape remind us of thy faithfulness in the humdrum times of life. Wrap us in the layers of thy loving-kindness, and may we there be warmed until the spring returns and we rise like a phoenix out of the ashiness, as didst our Lord Jesus Christ, who reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and in all seasons.